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What is Infrared ?

  Infrared is a non-invasive technology used to detect potential points of failure in your power equipment. In electrical systems, excessive heat is a sign of impending trouble. High temperatures indicate excessive electrical resistance, failing components, ground faults, short circuits or other common problems in electrical equipment that can lead to expensive or even catastrophic failures.

  Infrared thermography is the most important and cost effective element of any electrical maintenance program. Research shows an average of a 400% return on investment for every dollar spent on infrared inspections. A skilled thermographer who has knowledge of electrical construction can detect electrical failures long before any other testing method reducing downtime, saving equipment costs and increasing personnel safety.

  Hiring May Electric Co. for infrared scans has added benefits. As a licensed electrical contractor, we have the ability to solve any issues that need attention. All infrared is preformed by individuals who are certified in thermography and electrical applications, allowing for accurate troubleshooting and recommendations.

  •  Troubleshoot and detect issues before they lead to costly system failures
  • No equipment shutdown necessary
  •  Reduce downtime and electrical equipment damage
  •  Avoid unscheduled maintenance and downtime
  •  May qualify for insurance discounts for utilizing thermography testing
  •  Increase engery efficiency
  • Protect your business investment and improve profitability